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There Is No End

Lemmings don't leap

Here are 180 things that are not true, corrected for us by Edwin Moore, starting with the classic lemmings that jump (or, rather, do not) jump over cliffs.

Some of these I already knew, such as:

  • Walt Disney was not cryogenically frozen
  • Chief Seattle's speech was written in 1971
  • The Inuit do not have hundreds of words for snow (but how many words do the English have for rain?)
  • Catherine the Great was not cruhed to death by a horse

But then some of them were new to me:

  • Jerry Lewis is not universally loved in France
  • The defenders of the Alamo died for slavery

Some I am not too sure of:

  • John Kennedy was not a doughnut (I thought it was a sausage)
  • Shakespeare wrote Shakspere (is there really enough evidence to be dogmatic about this? we know practically nothing about the man).

Anyway, it is an interesting miscellany of historical facts, most of which will no doubt check out as true.