Of making many books...

There Is No End

Power vs force: the hidden determinants of human behaviour

The author rates a series of emotions [pp52-3] from 0 to 100, thus:

  • 20 Shame
  • 30 Guilt...
  • ...200 Courage
  • 250 Neutrality...
  • ...1000 Enlightenment

So then he can use the Test to work out what level anything on, including religions and the book itself.

So Jesus, the Buddha and Krishna come out at 1000, though the modern forms only rate 498, 600-950 and 850 respectively. Islam started out at 540. Fundamentalists of any religion come in at 125-130. Mobs and anathemas to Hawkins, ok?

So what is the Test? The test requires two people, the tester and the subject (and a yes/no question):

  1. remove distractions, background music, small children, watches, jewellery, perfume etc.
  2. pretest subject with some known questions.
  3. tester states question, must be yes/no, factual, about present or past.
  4. subject holds out right arm straight, parallel to the ground.
  5. tester "presses down quickly with two fingers" on the subject's wrist.
  6. if the subject can resist the pressure, the answer is 'yes'; if not, it is 'no'.

I haven't tried it, so I cannot say whether it works, but I would think it possible to do a study.

The Danish Knighthood (Order of St John, does that count as a knighthood? Wasn't John Kerr a knight of St John?) is on page 304.