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There Is No End

Minding mind: a course in basic meditation

This book contains the following works.

Chan Master HongrenTreatise on the Supreme Vehicle.
Chan Master Cijiao of ChangluModels for sitting meditation.
Chan Master Foxin BencaiGuidelines for sitting meditation.
Zen Master DōgenA generally recommended mode of sitting meditation.
Son Master ChinulSecrets of cultivationg the mind.
Zen Master EjōAbsorption in the treasury of light.
Man-anAn elementary talk on Zen.

The translator has added a short introduction and some notes.

Most of these works are practical introductions to meditation, of the sit up straight and put your hands on your lap kind.

I had the most difficulty with the Absorption in the treasury of light, which seems to go on at great length about the importance of the correct doctrine, without ever saying what it is.

And I cannot answer Dōgen's question: The way is fundamentally complete and perfect, all-pervasive; why expend effort? The vehicle of the source is free; why expend effort? The whole being is utterly beyond defiling dust; who would believe in a method of wiping it clean? The whole is not apart from here; why go somewhere else to practice?

But then, I am not sure he does; at least, I cannot understand his answer (other than, practice).